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ABP Southampton Marathon x STRIVE

To support you in achieving your goals at the Southampton Marathon in 2024, we’re proud to be partnering with The Evolve Co. to bring you STRIVE, their inspiring mindset coaching programme.

Packed full of mindset tools, STRIVE explores topics that are fundamental to us bringing the best out of ourselves when taking on a challenge, such as; firing up our motivation levels, bouncing back from setbacks and managing pre-event nerves. The team behind STRIVE come from a range of different backgrounds, working in the worlds of The Military, Sports and Performance Coaching. As such, they know a thing or two about human motivation, performance and fear management. What’s more, Team STRIVE are constantly striving for their own personal goals too, putting their tools into practice – daily.

Is STRIVE for me?

We believe STRIVE is for everyone. If you’re a seasoned runner and all-round event taker one, STRIVE will help you to reach those extra levels of your potential and remind you of what’s really important when you need it most. If taking on a sporting challenge is new to you, firstly, welcome to an amazing club of Weekend Warriors, we have your back. STRIVE will help you to learn valuable things about yourself that will benefit you not just in relation to your event, but in all areas of your life. Weekend Warriors everywhere, courageously pushing yourselves physically and mentally, whilst juggling busy lives and careers, STRIVE was built for you.  Together we strive.


Thank you to our sponsors

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