WOW! EARLYBIRD season already! 2023 is all about Choices....

WOW! EARLY BIRD season already! 2023 is all about Choices.....

So for 2023 we have created a choice for our runners:

  • Pay for entry fee but no tee

This means those who wish to enjoy the excitement of the race can run without another race tee, and for those who want to race but finding money tight we can offer a cheaper option to still enjoy their city centre race.

This week is also our EARLY BIRD offer so there's an extra 10% off next years prices.

This means you can bag a half marathon for less than £30 and a 10k for less than £20!

You can also spread this in monthly payments until the start of the race.

How can we do this?

  • We spend approx £12-£15 on marketing per head for our running events
  • We have to guesstimate sizes and orders for tees 4 months in advance of events which leads to a lot of wastage.
  • We have 26,000 runners on our database, enough to fill all of our spaces so by offering incentives to reserve your place and choose your tee or not to choose a tee saves us a lot of costs which we in turn can pass back to our participants.

So if you choose to sign up to a race today, your built in marketing costs can be passed directly back to you the runner.

Now thats a win win.....

Bring on 2023 and let me know which events you are looking forward to in the new year.


Thank you to our sponsors

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