University of Southampton staff take the miles

Both YiLin and An-Sofie work in the student union as Activities Coordinators, and are running for the Ignite Programme, a support package that helps disadvantaged and underrepresented students flourish at University. They are fundraising as a team and their page can be found here: An-Sofie Van Rafelghem is fundraising for University of Southampton ( They have raised over £600 (incuding gift aid) already and are absolutely smashing their training. An-sofie is running the Half-marathon and YiLin is running the 10K.

YiLin: “As a former international student and having majored in Education, I am acutely aware of the importance of equitable access to education for students from diverse backgrounds. I strongly believe that every underrepresented students at UoS should have the best chance to overcome the barriers they face and build the bright future they deserve regardless of their background. This belief motivated me (who never is a runner before) to do a fundraising run with my colleagues. I hope that our contribution, however small, can make a meaningful difference.”

An-Sofie: “Running for the Ignite Programme at the University of Southampton aligns with my passion for working closely with student groups and volunteers. So many students at UoS work very hard to get the most out of their studies, and everyone deserves that chance to thrive.”

To get involved with the University of Southampton and their fundraising schemes, make sure to check out their official website. We look forward to seeing both team players take on their challenge in April.


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