Postman Wayne’s aiming to deliver a World Record!

On 24th April 2022 the ABP Southampton Marathon is back! It is set to be another incredible day of running across the city, with events for all ages and abilities. Among the runners taking part will be local Hampshire based runner Wayne Bevan. Wayne is aiming to set an Official Guinness World Record at Southampton as the fastest postman to run a marathon.

The current Official World Record is 3 hours and 44 minutes. However, there are a few rules to look out for set by the Guinness World Record establishment. Those attempting this record “must be in the delivery mail service and uniform must be worn – trousers, shirt, tie, hat and jacket with a bag with 2lb weight that must be checked each mile”. Wayne’s previous efforts have been halted due to Covid and his initial attempt, the London marathon, was unfortunately cancelled last year.  

Chris Rees, Director of ReesLeisure, commented “We are proud to have another Official Guinness Record attempt at one of our events. Southampton is an exciting day out and I can’t wait to see him there!”

Postman Wayne will be cheered on by fellow runners, the Southampton community and will be wanting to deliver an Official Guinness World Record across the finish line as he meets his family and friends.


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