Lockdown 2.0… here we GO!

Lockdown 2.0… here we are! If you’re feeling a bit lost, need some motivation, or that extra drive to get outside, then read on and find out about the goals of our Managing Director, Nikki.

I’ve been using the start of the return to lockdown to work out what’s next for me and have decided that a decent exercise goal is needed.

Why do you need a goal in lockdown?

With the long term psychological effects of a national lockdown as yet unstudied, it’s impossible to say how all of these restrictions on our liberties will affect us in the long run – the short term effects however have been incredibly varied. Feelings of isolation, lethargy, feeling ‘lost’ or without a goal, sleeplessness and increased levels of anxiety and depression.

We’ve already discussed the incredible host of benefits that exercise can have, not just on your body, but also on looking after your mental health – so for Lockdown 2.0 and beyond into the new, more remote style of working… it makes sense to set yourself a challenge or a goal to motivate you to continue to get outside and exercise, particularly as the days get shorter.

As an “all or nothing” person, it’s also important for me to have a goal, otherwise I’m very happy to stay curled up under a blanket for days on end, (and for those who know tubby Nikki from the past can attest that that isn’t a good idea for me or my waistline!)

I want to use Lockdown 2.0 to make sure I end 2020 with some positive results to show for it.

What is your goal?

Starting from now until the end of 2020, I will aim to run 2 x 5ks and 1 x 7-10k run per week. This is also on top of my Crossfit zoom classes, regular walks and cycling when the weather allows. I have less than 20 miles left to have completed my goal of 1000 miles of walking, cycling or running throughout this year so I have plenty of leeway.

Are you following a training plan?

I’m not particularly aiming to increase my distance or speed at the moment. (I’ve got a couple of half marathons I’ve applied for in 2021 (if you don’t have any yet, then take a look at our offerings HERE), but will be training for these longer distances with my other half once he’s recovered from injury.) When I get on to training for my half marathon races or even just to increase my speed, I will definitely be following our training plans. So for now, it’s just about keeping fit, getting those miles under my belt and encouraging me to get outside, appreciate nature and, whilst it may feel at times as though there are rainclouds overhead, it is still possible to take joy in the beauty of this world when you just step outside.

How did I decide how much to run each week?

Your goal should be very individual to you. I’ve been very up and down with my exercise regime throughout this year and haven’t been very good at keeping up run training recently. I would therefore be very happy if I can achieve 3 runs a week between now and New Year. I would aim for 2 of these to be a 5k (for me this is a distance that I can easily get myself out of bed for), and 1 to be a longer run – approx. 7-10km. Along the way I can make sure to collect my Run Challenge and Distance Builder t-shirts too so I’ve got the full set!

What happens if you don’t reach your goal?

I picked up a minor injury on my very first run (I’m definitely out of practice and tried to run too fast straight away woops!) so I’m a little behind on the goal, however following a few days of rest and gentle walking, I’m back on to it to get back outside and enjoy that fresh air. I’m excited!

The main points for me if I can’t be consistent and smash my goal every single time:

– Don’t worry about it! There will always be blips so don’t be hard on yourself.

– Use the downtime to relax, rest, recover and use this to fuel your next run

– Most importantly… ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress so wish me luck! Let me know what your goals are?


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