Family run the ABP Southampton Marathon for Southampton Hospitals Charity

Family run the ABP Southampton half marathon

The Hughes family have all been training hard to run the ABP Southampton half marathon on24 April 2022. Here’s why…

Daughter Sinead, 23, explains: “In January 2021 my Dad, Greg, tested positive for Covid-19.

After a few days, his breathing took a turn for the worse and he was rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, by ambulance on 14 January. He was immediately ventilated due to incredibly low oxygen levels. Things weren't looking hopeful.

He spent a week in Wexham, in a critical but stable condition.

Then on 21January, we received a phone call from the hospital to say that they were going to be transferring him to the specialist general intensive care unit atUniversity Hospital Southampton.

We faced an un-settling couple of weeks, not knowing what we were going to be faced with.

We were informed that Dad had developed bilateral pulmonary (blood clots) on his lungs, and these clots and infections caused a pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). They had to insert a drain into his left lung.

Following this, doctors discovered Dad had haemorthorax (blood within the chest) meaning it was critical that they got another drain inserted into the lung to stop them both filling with fluid.

Dad was a fighter but then developed sepsis and covid-pneumonia.

On 28 January, we received the dreaded phone call. Things weren't looking good.

The ICU staff told us to get to the hospital immediately to say our goodbyes. We were told the chances of him making it through the night were very slim.

Having defied the odds, Dad continued to fight.

The next couple of weeks were the scariest for our family and friends. His condition varied from day-to-day where he was making slow improvements some days, and others almost going backwards.

Eventually, when his condition became more stable, the cardiothoracic surgeons were able to carry out more surgery to insert a further two drains into the lungs.

On 27 February, Dad underwent surgery to have a tracheostomy inserted. This was the first step into weaning down his sedation. It was a tense time as he had been sedated fora number of weeks.

Dad then faced a month of slow rehabilitation. He had to learn how to walk again, and the physio teams helped him to start regaining muscle strength. They also had to teach Dad how to swallow again, having not eaten solid food for a couple of months.

Then finally on13 April, three months after being admitted, Dad was discharged from the general intensive care unit.

He spent a couple of days spent on a general ward, and was finally discharged from hospital on 15 April just in time for his birthday!

In total, he spent a total of 91 days in hospital, of which 88 were in intensive care.

As a family, we are all beyond grateful and thankful to the amazing staff at Southampton General Hospital who saved our Dads life, and the incredible team of physiotherapists who helped Dad in his rehabilitation to get back on his feet.

He fought the whole way through his hospital journey, and we cannot thank the hospital staff enough for giving us this extra time with Dad.

Running for Southampton Hospitals Charity:

As a family, we are running the ABP Southampton half marathon on 24 April 2022. My mum Elaine, myself and partner Patrick, my sister Gemma, and my brother Declan are all taking up the challenge for Southampton Hospitals Charity.

None of us have been running for long which is what makes this run a real challenge for us!

I started running at the start of lockdown in 2020, mum used to run half marathons when she was younger, and Patrick, Gemma and Declan have begun their training.

We have just under four months to be able to run 13.1 miles, but we know we will complete it for dad. He wouldn’t give up on his rehabilitation, and we won’t give up on this challenge either.

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