Charity Tuesday - Sophie's Legacy

We are delighted to have local charity, Sophie’s Legacy, join us as a charity partner for the 2023 ABP Southampton Marathon and Southampton Sporterium.

There will be over 50 runners and cyclists supporting Sophie’s Legacy at the ABP Southampton Marathon and Southampton Sporterium! Please show them your support on race day. If you would like to run for Sophie’s Legacy please visit

Sophie's Legacy was set up in memory of Sophie Fairall, a 10 year old girl who wrote a bucket list before she died with things she wanted changed in her memory.

Sophie's Legacy supports families in hospitals with their children by providing food, toiletries, clothes, transport, birthday parties etc.

Sophie wanted the following things changed and this will be her legacy in memory of a remarkable young girl who touched so many lives

-Play specialist 7 days a week in hospitals

-Improvements to food for children in hospitals

-For parents to be fed when staying with their child

-For GP’s nurses and health professionals to be trained in childhood cancer

-To increase the funds (currently 3%) in childhood cancer research

The Charity wants to take the pressure from parents so they don't have to worry about how they can afford to eat or get home when they have a child in the hospital. Sophie’s Legacy cover seven hospitals in the South of England with more in the pipeline.

Alongside the above they are working with the government to try and achieve national change by implementing the Children and Young People childhood cancer mission -this would overhaul how 0-24 year olds are diagnosed, treated and cared for.

Sophie’s Legacy are also working with the top of the NHS to achieve changes to food for children, feeding parents in hospital and improving play facilities for children in hospital. All of these things are the wishes of Sophie and what drives the charity to make the changes in her memory.


Thank you to our sponsors

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