Charity Tuesday - Mountbatten Hampshire

Jodie's Story

This is Jodie’s second year running the ABP Half-Marathon in support of Mountbatten Hampshire, after her dad was cared for by the inpatient team.

"From the moment Dad was admitted into the hospice, everyone who cared for him was absolutely amazing and made his final days dignified and comfortable."

In her dad’s last days, Jodie and her family stayed close to him at the hospice in West End.

“The staff also took care of us and nothing was too much trouble. They offered us food and drink and made beds up for us."

“I was shocked to learn only about a third of Mountbatten’s funding comes from the NHS, with the rest fundraised”.

Jodie calculated that her dad’s time in the hospice would have cost around £2000. She set herself a goal to raise as much as possible to give back to the teams that helped her family.

"They made Dad's final days dignified and comfortable."

“I couldn’t do what they do, but we were able to cover the cost of his care which was so important to me”.

“And it’s about raising awareness, too… about how hard the team works and what Mountbatten does. Most people don't know that without donations from the public, there would be a massive shortfall, and they wouldn't be able to continue to offer the same level of care they do."

She hopes that with what she’s achieved and running the half-marathon again this year, she will help ensure our care reaches more people who need it.

With your support, more people will face death, dying, and bereavement with Mountbatten by their side.

To join Jodie and 'Team Mountbatten' at this year’s ABP Southampton Marathon, sign up today!


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